The Value of Dentistry

Studies have shown people who are comfortable with their smile show it more often, and people who smile more live happier lives, are trusted more by others, have healthier relationships, and have higher lifetime earnings.

Simple dental procedures can prevent dental pain and even tooth loss. If you can’t sleep, work, or enjoy simple pleasures life stops being productive and happy. Are you altering your daily life dealing with pain or an embarrassing smile?

Putting off dental care is taking years away from your life.
Studies also show that without healthy mouths and strong teeth we get far less nutrients from the foods we eat. People who lose teeth live shortened, less productive lives with more complications and conditions like Type2 diabetes and many others. The failure to make the investment in oral health and preventing the loss of teeth could cost you 5, 10, even 20 years from your life.

Quality dentistry is an investment in your life, and by making that investment you can see benefits from better nutrition, freedom from dental pain, prevention of many diseases and conditions, better jobs, better pay, better relationships and more happiness.

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Dr. Spencer C. Wirig DMD

Lakeview Dental