Difference Between Dentures and Implants, and Why You Would Add Dentures to Implants

Difference Between Dentures and Implants, and Why You Would Add Dentures to Implants

Posted by LAKEVIEW DENTAL CLINIC on Feb 15 2021, 09:23 AM

Dental implants are an excellent replacement for decayed teeth or missing teeth. They are screw-like structures inserted inside the jawbone/cheekbone to provide functional and natural-looking teeth. You can opt for a dental implant for one or more teeth. These days even dentures are replaced by implants as they are hassle-free and easy to maintain.

If you are confused about what to opt for, then here's some information to help you out.

Difference between implants and dentures

  • The major difference between these two is their work. Dentures are simply a substitution for missing teeth, which a person can take out and put back in the mouth whenever they like. At the same time, dental implants are used to substitute the original roots of the teeth and are permanently fixed in the jawbone.
  • Dental implants appear, feel, and function like natural teeth. In contrast, dentures are not very comfortable and lack aesthetics. 
  • Dental implants are durable as they are made from titanium, unlike dentures that are made up of porcelain. 
  • Implants let the jawbone grow naturally, whereas dentures are incapable of offering any defense against jaw bone corrosion.

The difference in the procedure:

  • Dentures can be ordered at a low price, whereas implants are quite expensive.
  • Dental implants require months of patience and multiple visits to the dentist before they are put to function. 
  • To get complete dentures, you need to remove the remaining healthy teeth, unlike dental implants.
  • Dentures require nearly no healing time, but implant wounds might take a few weeks to heal. 

However, these two procedures can now be clubbed together and give fantastic results. This clubbing produces a tooth replacement system with many advantages over standard dentures.

Why add dentures to implants

Adding dentures to implants gives them: 

  • Robustness of permanent dental implants alongside the simplicity of a standard denture.
  • Better functionality and appearance.
  • A permanent solution as the implant becomes part of the jawbone.
  • Better ability to fit in and provide a clearer speech.
  • Implant-retained dentures are cost-efficient.

Hence, with the advancement of modern dentistry, you can now get a complete or partial denture fixed to your mouth with implants' help.

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