Dazzle Like a Diamond: Teeth Whitening that lasts

Dazzle Like a Diamond: Teeth Whitening that lasts

Posted by LAKEVIEW DENTAL CLINIC on Feb 24 2022, 09:20 PM

The teeth whitening process is done to remove the stains in the teeth and restore their natural color. It is a one-time treatment performed by a professional. A commonly availed cosmetic treatment, teeth whitening treatments give reliable and long-lasting results due to advancements in dental technology. 

Why Should It Be Done?

The enamel and the dentin which reflects the natural color of your teeth can get stained. It makes the teeth yellow. 

There are many causes for tooth discoloration. Some of them are: 

- Regular intake of tea, coffee, wine, or cola. 
- Smoking and chewing tobacco
- High intake of fluoride 
- Certain medical procedures that can make the teeth stain

Teeth whitening clears the stains in the teeth and makes them look whiter. 

Teeth Whitening Systems

There are many kinds of products used to brighten your smile at home. However, it is better to talk with your dentist first if you decide to try whitening at home. 

Whitening Toothpaste

The surface stains in the teeth can be removed by all kinds of toothpaste as they contain mild abrasives. Some, though, contain gentle polishing or chemical agents that help to remove tougher stains. 

Over-the-counter Whitening Strips and Gels

Whitening gels are formulated to be applied directly to the surface of the teeth. They are clear, peroxide-based gels. The directions on the product should be followed carefully. The results last about four months.

Whitening strips are also directly applied to the teeth and the whitening is done by its peroxide-based whitening gel coating. They are very thin, virtually invisible strips. They should be used according to the procedure mentioned on the label. 

Whitening Rinses

These are among the newest whitening products. They help to reduce dental plaque and gum disease and freshen the breath. These products contain hydrogen peroxide that whitens the teeth. 

However, rinses may not whiten as well as other whitening products. To boost the effect of rinses, some people rinse first and then brush their teeth with whitening toothpaste. 

Tray-Based Teeth Whiteners

These have a peroxide bleaching agent and are purchased either over-the-counter or from a dentist. It involves filling a mouthguard-like tray with a whitening gel solution. It is worn for four weeks or longer to get the best results. 

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