Dental Sedation for Children

Dental Sedation for Children

Posted by LAKEVIEW DENTAL CLINIC on Apr 11 2022, 01:13 PM

Kids fear dentists or certain dental procedures, but some have severe dental phobia. Sedation dentistry is an option in such cases. It is also for very young children who require extensive dental work. 

Sedation dentistry is the use of a mild sedative to control the anxiety of the child while receiving dental care. It is used when the child has a strong gag reflex. 

Types of Sedation

There are different types of sedation used for a child. The following are some of them: 

Oral Conscious Sedation

In this type of sedation, the pediatric dentist offers oral sedatives for the child. Depending on the type of medication and dosage, the dentist offers mild to moderate sedation. The kids throughout the procedure can communicate with the dentist though they may fall asleep at times. 

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide sedation wears off quickly. The sedation is mild and safe for children and doesn't put them to sleep. The sedation is administered through a mask. Breathing the drug for a few minutes, they feel relaxed, calm, and euphoric. 

The children can respond to the commands given by the dentist. Though they are awake, their anxiety and discomfort are reduced by sedation. The children are given oxygen to breathe after the procedure to wear off the effects of nitrous oxide. 

General Anesthesia

It is used when the treatment can't be done safely while the child is awake. It is administered under the supervision of the anesthesiologist. The child will be in a deep sleep and they will be monitored throughout the procedure. When they wake up after the treatment, they would have little to no memory of what happened during the procedure. 

Benefits of Dental Sedation for Children 

Dental sedation is given to children with severe dental anxiety. It relaxes the children and they would feel comfortable throughout the procedure. Sedation makes the dental experience stress-free not only for the child but also for the parent. 

Depending on the type of sedation, it eliminates pain sensations. The dentist can perform lengthy or complex procedures in just one visit as the children remain calm. General anesthesia reduces the chance of dental anxiety as the child does not remember anything. 

Dental sedation keeps kids safe from accidental injuries and allows the dentist to perform the treatment more effectively and efficiently. 

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