Drinking More Water Protects Your Teeth - Myth or Fact?

Drinking More Water Protects Your Teeth - Myth or Fact?

Posted by LAKEVIEW DENTAL CLINIC on Oct 21 2021, 03:27 AM

Water is essential for your body. It helps regulate the body temperature, improves your sleep, and ensures proper organ functioning, among other benefits.

You may already be brushing, flossing, eating healthy, and getting scheduled dental checkups. But do you know the role of optimum hydration for better oral health?

In this article, our oral health experts at Lakeview Dental Clinic in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, explain the importance of proper hydration for your dental health.

Is Drinking Water Good for Oral Health?

Around 60% of the human body is water. This zero-calorie drink helps your system distribute nutrients, flush waste, and keep your joints and muscles moving.

But, did you know that water also helps maintain your oral health?

Here is how hydration contributes to your dental health:

  • It Makes Teeth Stronger

Drinking water is naturally fortified with fluoride. According to the World Health Organization, there is a close link between fluoride and good dental health. This mineral makes your teeth stronger by making them resistant to acid attacks caused by bacteria and plaque. 

It also reverses early decay, prevents oral infections, and speeds remineralization.

  • Prevents Dry Mouth

Research has shown that a dry mouth, also known as xerostomia, increases your risk of oral infections, gingivitis, and tooth decay. Your saliva is made up of 99% water. When you drink an adequate amount of water, your mouth produces enough saliva and remineralizes your teeth.

  • Maintains Your Mouth’s pH Levels

Acidic foods and beverages such as sugary, fizzy drinks and certain dairy products increase the acidity levels in your mouth. This leads to increased bacterial growth and decay. The fluoride in water regulates your mouth’s acidity levels and brings them to the normal range of 7.0.

  • Prevents Bad Breath

When bacteria-laden plaque is allowed to foster on your teeth and gums, it eventually leads to bad breath. Although brushing your teeth is what generally helps prevent bad breath, it may not always be possible especially when you are eating at a restaurant.

Drinking water immediately after your meal helps wash away bacteria and keeps your breath fresh.

How to Hydrate Yourself for Better Oral Health?

Make sure to drink enough water every day to stay hydrated. The adequate daily water intake is 3.7 liters for men and 2.7 liters for women.

To learn more about how water protects your teeth, contact Lakeview Dental Clinic at (208) 664-0884 or visit us at 801 Milwaukee Dr., Coeur D'Alene, ID 83814. 

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