Everything You Need To Know About Dental Emergencies

Everything You Need To Know About Dental Emergencies

Posted by LAKEVIEW DENTAL on Dec 10 2022, 08:12 AM

A dental emergency is any dental problem that requires immediate treatment. If you experience a dental emergency, you should call your dentist immediately.

Dental Emergency

A dental emergency can occur unexpectedly and without warning. In case of a dental emergency, it is important to get help right away from a dental office. This way, the pain can be addressed before it gets worse. An appointment may also be a necessary step to rule out a more serious problem like a broken jaw or a lost filling or crown that fits loosely over the tooth.

It is essential to know when to call your dentist to address an issue in your mouth. If you experience extreme pain that lasts longer than an hour or two, if the pain does not go away after rinsing the mouth with salt water, or if you notice that the pain comes on suddenly without any known cause, these may be signs that a dental emergency exists. Seek help right away before the issue becomes worse. In cases of a lost filling or crown, avoid eating hard foods or biting down until the permanent restoration is in place to protect the tooth. If you are experiencing any kind of mouth discomfort that lasts for more than a few hours, be sure to get immediate help from a trusted dentist.

What Causes Dental Emergencies?

Many dental emergencies can be prevented or minimized by practicing good oral hygiene habits, including brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash every day. However, certain accidents can still happen and cause some degree of tooth damage. A few of the most common causes of dental emergencies include:

  • Playing sports without wearing the proper mouthguard
  • Biting into something that breaks a tooth or cuts the gums
  • Trips and falls that result in trauma to the face and/or teeth (even when wearing a mouthguard)
  • Jaw injuries resulting from auto accidents
  • Cracked or broken teeth due to biting something hard (such as ice) or having an impact injury (such as a fall or a car crash)
  • Temporary crown coming loose from a tooth
  • Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, which can damage the teeth and lead to headaches and other complications
  • Toothaches caused by decay, infection, and other issues
  • Sudden changes in the color of a crowned tooth
  • Broken braces, wires, or brackets

What Should I Do If I Experience A Dental Emergency?

If you've experienced a dental emergency, don't wait! Call your dentist's office right away so they can get you in as soon as possible. A knocked-out tooth is a time-sensitive situation that requires immediate care if you want the best chance of saving your tooth. Even if you're unsure if it's a true dental emergency, it's best to call and ask if you should come in anyways. It's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your dental health.

Typically, a dentist will see you the same day that you make the call for emergency treatment. Sometimes, they may not be able to fit you in immediately but will still make time to see you first thing the next day. However, some situations require prompt attention. For example, if you have an infected tooth, you'll likely need antibiotics to treat the infection and prevent it from spreading to the rest of your body. In this case, it's best not to wait multiple days for your dental treatment.

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