1. Dentistry is expensive


Quality dentistry is an investment that returns better nutrition, freedom from dental pain, prevention of many diseases and conditions, better jobs, better pay, better relationships and more happiness.



2. Dentistry is Painful


So many advancements in the field have allowed us to do dentistry more comfortable than ever before.
Ask us about how the latest in Laser and imaging technology makes what we do more comfortable.
We also offer IV and oral sedation to give you the most comfortable and easy dental experience.

Ask us about our many affordable sedation options.


3.All Dentists are the same


We are fortunate to live in a time when dentistry is more advanced than ever. Dentists are trained to some of the highest levels of all medical professionals. Dr Wirig loves being a part of this exciting field and is on the cutting edge advancing what the field can do to bless the lives of his patients. Dr. Wirig and his team pride themselves in offering a level or personal care that no office can compare to! Come see the difference today!


4. Dentists can only do teeth


The field of dentistry is more exciting than ever. Dentists are natural experts in the whole facial region, and our profession is now doing more cosmetic procedures not only with teeth but gums, lips and facial injectables such as Botox and Restalyn.



5. I need to see a specialist for many procedures.


Dr Wirig has received advanced training making Lakeview Dental a full service office. When Dr Wirig served in the USAF he was selected to complete a prestigious AEGD (Advanced Education General Dentistry) program. It is here Dr Wirig trained with specialists receiving extensive knowledge in:

  • Oral Surgery and complex wisdom teeth extraction, dental emergencies and dental implants
  • Endodontics (Root canals)
  • Periodontal procedures (gum surgeries and managing periodontal disease)
  • Prosthodontics (Crowns, Bridges and Dentures)
  • Orthodontics


Many of these procedures can be done in the comfort of your familiar dental office right here. Our goal is to do all things in your best interest, and to make sure your investment is all you hoped for. There may be times in certain circumstances Dr. Wirig will determine that a specialist is best for a particular situation, and he will make sure you see the finest specialist our area has to offer. Dr Wirig also continues to actively pursue continued education on new advancements to deliver paramount care.