Dr Wirig is dedicated to making each visit with us the ultimate in comfort. We offer more options than 95% of dentists in the US so you can select an option that is the perfect fit. Dr Wirig and his team are specially trained to make your experience pleasant, easy, and comfortable. For those that choose no sedation options we can assure you that everything we do will be gentle, and  your needs will be  catered to at every moment.

Oral Sedation is a favorite of so many of our patients. A pill is prescribed that is taken 1 hour prior to your appointment. You are awake and aware of your surroundings and  experience, but you are amazingly comfortable and relaxed throughout. An escort to stay for the duration of your appointment and drive you home is required.

Nitrous Oxide, or Laughing gas as it is sometimes called, is also offered. This is sometimes used in addition to oral sedation for a combined effect.

IV Sedation is a marvelous option used for the highly anxious person with deep fears of dentistry or in those procedures that are more involved such as wisdom teeth extraction. An IV is started in your hand or arm then medications are  given that will make all we do extremely comfortable. Most people remember little if anything of the appointment. You will be closely monitored with state of the art equipment that goes beyond state dental board requirements and the latest in patient safety training. This option requires a pre-op visit where baseline vitals are assessed and an in depth health history is reviewed. An escort is required for this commonly used option.

Call today for your complimentary consult with Dr Wirig to discuss your preference.