It is said an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Nowhere is that more true than with oral care. A common example is when someone ignores a simple cavity. Putting off a filling that may cost around $200.00 if left untreated will certainly lead to needing a root canal and crown that are close to $2000.00. Preventative dental care is like a $40.00 oil change that prevents costly engine failure or reduced life of your vehicle.

“But what if  I don’t have insurance?”

The dirty little secret of the insurance companies is to make money off of you by taking more in monthly premiums and returning less than they receive. Nearly half of our patients don’t have insurance and save money in the long run using health savings accounts, dedicating resources to this valuable care, or enrolling in our Smart Smile Dental Savings Plan.  Click the button above to learn more.

Save money by investing in yourself.

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