During this COVID-19 Pandemic, we are finding ways to be more confident about everyone's safety and protection.

In addition to the strict guidelines provided by CDC and OSHA, we are happy to announce that we have added more safety to the dental practice and dental care we provide. We are taking into consideration the protection of our patients and staff as well.

The Extraoral Dental Vacuum Suction System removes high-volume droplets and aerosols produced during the treatment. This system has an extensive medical-grade filtration system, a UV light disinfectant, the capacity to eliminate germs and viruses, and also fight against aerosol contamination.

For a safe and comfortable environment to serve all your dental needs, we have taken care of personal protection like safety eyewear, mask, gloves, etc., and sterilized all instrumentation and the whole office.

We are proud that the Extraoral Dental Suction is also a part of our safety protocols. 


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